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Streaming Video with Flash Player

What a headache, “Flash Player”!

I was attending a convention from my company the past couple of days, so I had the responsibility to manage all the IT request for the convention.  Flash player was the headache of my week because we had some videos being displayed by a website that uses flash player.  Don’t get me wrong, but the site is awesome to use but for some reason the laptops were logging off and locking on us. We thought it was the GPO that we have for locking the screen when the computer is inactive, so we decided to take the machines out of the our domain and place it into WORKGROUP. We also changed all the power management so it will never shut off, guess what? All the laptops locked on us; what a problem, so we had to go to each machine log off and log back on and start the site up.

Finally, we did some research online and found out that it was the Flash Player causing the issues. At first, we thought it was the version, but the machine had the latest version of Flash. It was a setting that is enable by default and it’s the “Enable hardware acceleration

location of this feature: (right-click on the video to get the first dialog box and it’s located on the first tab)

Once we disable the feature, we refreshed the site and believe it or not no locks or black outs for the rest of the convention. One less thing to worry about 🙂

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