Deploy Provisioning Packages with MDT!

In this video, we go over how to creat a provisioning package in Windows ICD and then deploying it with MDT. I’m using MDT Build 8443 and the latest Windows ADK installation files. Here is the command used in the video:

DISM.exe /Image=C:\ /Add-ProvisioningPackage /PackagePath:%SCRIPTROOT%\BTNHDv1.0\BTNHDv1.0.ppkg

%SCRIPTROOT% = the Script folder inside the deploymentshare root folder

BTNHDv1.0 = is the folder that I created and dropped the ICD package into – I copied the entire folder inside the Script folder

BTNHDv1.0.ppkg = the name I provided when I export/build the package inside Windows ICD application.



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2 Comments on Deploy Provisioning Packages with MDT!

  1. For those annoyed trying to get this to work and are getting weird errors, it’s possibly because MDT decides the OS install drive is not C: during installation. The following will resolve it: DISM.exe /Image=%OSDisk% /Add-ProvisioningPackage /PackagePath:%SCRIPTROOT%\…\Your_Package.ppkg

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