Contacting BTNHD

Please make sure to read the sections on this page, and direct your communication in the correct manner.

Need Computer Help Quickly?

Your best bet is to leave a post on my Google+ page, because you’ll get a much quicker response from someone helpful. Your question will also be seen by a wider number of people that very likely have experienced the same problem before. Remember to share what you have!

Writing for BTNHD

BTNHD does not allow guest posts from anybody. If you let me know about an interesting tip or other idea, I’d love to hear it please share 🙂

Contacting the BTNHD Directly

If you have comments, questions, feedback, or business requests, you can feel free to email me here, but please note that computer help questions sent to this address will be mostly ignored, so PLEASE post your help questions over on the BTN Google+ Page.

YouTube Request from BTNHD

If you have any request dealing with configuration and installation of any software or hardware. You can feel free to email me here. Please note, time frame for creating the video normally takes between 1-2 weeks. This involves researching the topic, building the environment, testing the request, recording and editing.