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Course Syllabus – Windows 8.1 and MDT 2013


  1. Introduction to MDT 2013 and Windows 8.1 “Course Outline” [On Air: 5-15-2014]

  2. Importing Windows 8.1 with MDT 2013 [On Air: 5-16-2014]

    1. Importing the Operating System

  3. MDT 2013 Environment Setup for Windows 8.1 [On Air: 5-19-2014]

    1. Customize “customsetting.ini” file

    2. DeploymentShare properties configuration

  4. MDT 2013 Driver Management Setup for Windows 8.1 [On Air: 5-27-2014]

  5. MDT 2013 Application Import/Configure for Windows 8.1 [On Air: 5-28-2014]

  6. Task Sequence Break Down in MDT 2013 for Windows 8.1 [On Air: 5-29-2014]

    1. Create Task Sequence

    2. Update the deployment share

  7. Customize Windows 8.1 Start Screen with MDT 2013 [On Air: 6-2-2014]

  8. Disable Windows 8.1 Lock Screen with MDT 2013 [On Air : 6-23-2014]

  9. Disable  Windows 8.1 Store Feature with MDT 2013 [On Air: 6-25-2014]

  10. Disable Windows 8.1 SkyDrive Integration with MDT 2013 [On Air: 7-31-2014]

  11. Configure WDS with PXE Boot to Deploy Windows 8.1 with MDT 2013 [On Air: 8-4-2014]

  12. New GIFDeploying Windows 8.1 with MDT 2013 [On Air: 9-29-2014]

Video playlist will be updated once the videos are uploaded to the channel.

22 Comments on Course Syllabus – Windows 8.1 and MDT 2013

  1. Hello BJ,

    I have a request, can you please help me with this

    MDT Custom Menu Prompt for User input

    I have two .ini files with information like IP address, street address and some other information which will be available and and collected at the time of OS installation. The input UI prompts needs drag down and prompt from .ini files. Once the .ini is populated the software can start post installation using these .ini files information.How can i accomplish this? Any ideas please

    PS.With a precaptured WIM which contains 2016 Hypervisor and VM on it and I have the task sequence with steps to copy the needed .ini files to C:\ of 2016 server. from there i have two poweshell scripts which will inject the .ini files into the VM post install. The challenge i have is, to update the .ini files with latest information with custom menu prompts before 2016 OS install

    • You will need to look into the UDI designer of the Windows ADK suite. You might have to create an XML file for your drop down menu and point it into UDI applications.

  2. I am very interested in the MDT 2013 Windows 10, I have downloaded the MDT 2013 Update 1 but where do I get the ADK windows 10 setup? I cannot find it.
    Thanks Jim

  3. HI BJTech,
    I must really commend you for the beautiful job you are doing. more grease to your elbow.. my question goes thus, in my organization, we have upto 60 PCs with windows 8 running on them but trying to upgrade to windows 8.1 by automating the deployment.. how can all the systems boot from the network/deployment share without having to configure the booting order of the system one after the other to boot from from the network.
    Thank you.

  4. Also discovered that if I try to run the .bat file directly from the share, it want run. The errors are on he the REG commands, when run manually from the Deployment Share. The error is “ERROR: A required privilege is not held by the client”, tried turning off UAC and still won’t run.

  5. Thanks for all the video posts they have been a big help.

    I’m having an issue with the .reg TS failing on me. The error I’m getting is LTI failed, Return Code = -2147467259 0x80004005
    Failed to run the action: Win8RegConfig(name of my .reg file)

    Any help you could provide or a point in the right direction would nice.

  6. Hi Guys,

    My SetupComplete.cmd copies locally to C:\Windows\Setup\Scripts successfully after Windows 8 unattended setup completes, but it doesn’t run automatically as it suppose to. I can run the script manually but not automatically. Basically, SetupComplete.cmd script is to connect to network share which then in turn run a batch script which contains a bunch of apps. Few days ago, script somehow mapped to network share automatically but the next day it stopped doing it for some reason. No changes were made to the script or unattended file until it stopped mapping automatically. Since then, I’ve been trying different changes to the script to make it work but none of those have worked so far. Weird thing is that I can manually run the script and it maps to the network share and install all the programs.

    I’ve been using VMware setup to test out unattended deployment and the scripts. Not sure, if VMware has anything to do with it.

    Below are my scripts, please someone take a look and make suggestions.

    SetupComplete.cmd script

    net use z: \\\Apps /user:Mikasa.local\Administrator Ghtwhts2015



    start /wait msiexec /i z:\7z920-x64.msi /quiet /qn
    start /wait z:\vlc-2.1.5-win64.exe /L=1033 /S
    start /wait z:\setup64.exe /s /v “/qn Reboot=ReallySuppress”
    start /wait msiexec /i z:\ccsetup416.msi /qn
    start /wait msiexec /i z:\Firefox-32.0-en-US.msi -ms /qn /q
    start /wait z:\jre-8u25.exe /s
    start /wait msiexec /i z:\SkypeSetup.msi /qn /q /norestart
    start /wait z:\AdbeRdr1014_en_US.exe /sPB /rs
    z:\pkeyui.exe > %systemdrive\Users\myWin8oemkey.txt
    for /f %%1 in (%systemdrive\Users\myWin8oemkey.txt) do cscript.exe %systemroot%\system32\slmgr.vbs /ipk %%1
    cscript.exe //B slmgr.vbs /ato


  7. These video’s really help me out! Thanks

  8. This is so weird!!
    When i get to this point
    13:04min in your video
    I lose my mouse and keyboard.??
    But ONLY in my Lite Touch Windows PE (x86)
    When i use Lite Touch Windows PE (x64) everything is fine, i have mouse and keyboard.

    I guess it’s some kind of driver issue.
    I have all the correct driver from Lenovo website.
    But doesn’t wndows PE have preinstall Mouse and keyboard driver.?

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Yes it does. That’s a new one.

      • denmyos // July 1, 2014 at 6:39 pm //

        I delete everything and made a new Install.wim and boot.wim updated my Deployment share, (it loaded all drivers)
        Went into WDS Imported the new boot.wim (from C:\Deploymentshare\Boot)
        Restarted my WDS
        Pxeboot into the new Lite touch windows PE x86,,,,,and lost the mouse and keyboard.

        What am I during wrong? 🙁

  9. It was my boot.wim
    I use the one’s i made in Deploymentshare\Operation Systems\Windows 7 x86\Sources
    Both my boot and image .wim are there.
    Is it correct that i should use BOTH .wim from the same Deploymentshare\Operation Systems\XXXX\Sources. ?

    But i’m confused, I have several OS In my MDT Operating systems.
    But how do I “attach” a certain driver/apps manufactore to 1 OS, when i have several OS in my MDT.
    Which vidoes should i watch. 🙂

    Thanks for your help. 🙂

  10. I really enjoy 🙂 your blog and youtube channel. Right now i’m working on get MDT 2012 to deploy image out to a 100 computers in a workgroup. ( is that possible,,the workgroup?)
    When ever i have problems i look up you channel and usually find the answer. 🙂 🙂

    But I have a pray for you.
    I find it really hard to distinguish each episode from each other.
    Today i was looking for Part 1 of capturing a reference image, which should be episode 29.
    But episode 29 is something about website tracking you.
    I never found part 1.

    Is it just me that is totally stupid, and can’t find what i’m looking.?

    Again, I really really enjoy you channel and blog, I could never have done any MDT and WDS without your help. 🙂

    Keep up the great work. 🙂

    • Yeah, that was my confusing times for me. When I first started making videos for you guys. You should check out the playlist sections. I did create a MDT 2010/2012 playlist. plus I’m working on a 12 part series of MDT 2013 and deploying Windows 8.1. I’m at Part 9 of 12. the other are coming out soon for you guys. For your first question, yes you can deploy to 100 computers within Workgroup. Actually, by default your machine(s) when imaged with MDT will be part of Workgroup. Thank you so much for the support. I do all this for you guys. 🙂

      • denmyos // June 30, 2014 at 5:23 pm //

        Thanks 🙂

        Been playing around most of the evening testing your video’s.
        The driver management 1-4 series, but now i can’t seem to get into pxe boot.
        I get a Windows Deployment Services:pxe Boot aborted.

        Tried everything, deleted everything in MDT and WDS, and started over by “Import Operation System”
        Made sure that the NIC drive actually was there in the OOBD, still no dice.

        I’m pretty sure in has something to do with the Boot.wim, but don’t no what.
        I’m getting very close to deleting the whole DeploymentShare$ and start all over.

        I’m running the whole thing in a vmware enviroment.

        I’m open for any idears 🙂

      • which *wim files are you using for your WDS server?

  11. If you have a twitter account follow me and ask away or drop your questions here.

  12. Mohamed Taha // June 10, 2014 at 7:53 am // Reply

    Thanks Dude for your efforts

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