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Setting the default Computername in MDT 2010

So, I was assigned to configure our MDT server, so the computer name would be our office prefix and the serial number. example: NY-123456

I found out that in the customsettings.ini file, you could put in OSDComputerName and assign it %SerialNumber%, which will give you the computers serial number:



I set up SkipComputerName to NO because I normally like to check and in case someone wants me to change it, i have this chance to change it. Setting YES will hide the pane and the serial number will be used. The example above will build the pc (in my case) as NY-123456.

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  1. Thanks for updating this. Feel free to link my blog and any articles you wish to share. You cover a great range of topics so I’ll pop in and read also.

    Again, thanks for putting it right.


    • no problem, again I did not mean any harm. Good stuff within your site as well. Your scripts makes my life easier. “Automation is key!”

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