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How to activate root SSH access in ESX 4.0

So you want to SSH into your ESXi or ESX box, and be all techy looking and use putty so you know what you are doing when the boss comes around. [Hahahahaha].

Step 1: First you must login as a root at the console of your ESX 4 server.

Step 2: Then you must navigate to the /etc/ssh directory. Just type in: cd /etc/ssh

Step 3: Open nano (text editor, easy to use…) type: nano sshd_config

Navigate to the line saying PermitRootLogin no and change it to Yes.

Step 4: Type then CTRL + X to exit. On the prompt answer Y (as Yes to save the modified file).

Step 5: Then you’ll need to restart the sshd service typing: service sshd restart 

Step 6: While you are in the console just type in the following two commands to open firewall ports:

esxcfg-firewall -e sshServer

esxcfg-firewall -e sshClient

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