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Known Issues for UDI Deployments

The following is a list of known issues that relate to UDI deployments:

·    In the UDI Wizard Designer, UDI Wizard configuration file names that include underscores (_) are not saved correctly. The observed behavior is that the underscores are omitted.

The workaround is not to use file names that include underscores.

·    Configuration Manager 2012 applications are not displayed on the Applications Installed tab in the Deployment Complete dialog box (OSDResults.exe). This is expected behavior. The Configuration Manager 2012 applications are detected after the user logs on to the target computer the first time.

·    In the UDI Wizard Designer, an application appears in the list of available applications, but you are unable to select the application (the application appears to be disabled). This happens for applications being deployed using the package and program method in Configuration Manager 2012 or Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

This problem can be caused when not all programs for the package have the Allow this program to be installed from the Install Software task sequence without being advertised check box selected, which is on the Advanced tab on the program_name Properties dialog box.

Correct this problem by ensuring that the Allow this program to be installed from the Install Software task sequence without being advertised check box is selected for all programs for the desired package.

·    When performing the Replace Computer deployment scenario, you are prompted to confirm whether you want to overwrite a previous migration. This can be caused when you are performing multiple UDI Replace Computer deployment scenarios using a network shared folder or a USB device (such as a USB hard disk or USB flash drive).

The reason is that the UDI Wizard creates a folder based on the credentials you provided on the User State page. The folder name is created using a hash that looks like a Globally Unique Identifier. Because you are using the same credentials and the same USB device, the UDI Wizard will attempt to overwrite the user state migration data in the folder that exists from a previous Replace Computer deployment scenario. This is expected behavior.

·    In Configuration Manager 2007 R3, the MDT Files package is downloaded twice because of a failure downloading the MDT File package using WebDAV. This is cause because WebDAV blocks downloading files with a .config file extension. Configure WebDAV in IIS on the deployment points to allow downloading files with .config file extensions. This is not an issue with Configuration Manager 2012, because it provides its own implementation of WebDAV and is not subject to the same filtering restrictions.

·    User state migration data is not restored when using a USB flash drive. This is a known issue and is caused when the operating system deployment (OSD) feature in Configuration Manager 2007 R3 or Configuration Manager 2012 does not updated the drive letter for the OSDStateStorePath task sequence variable when it is set to a USB flash drive. A flash drive is identified differently than for a USB hard disk.

·    If you are using stand-alone media, the value displayed for Deployment Time by OSDResults at the end of the deployment is not guaranteed correct, because a network connection is not assumed to be available when using stand-alone media. Therefore, the machine’s basic input/output system (BIOS) clock cannot be synced to a correct time. In some cases, the deployment time may show a negative number, as occurs when the time available from Windows PE at the start is incorrectly set with a value that is actually later than the time at which the deployment finishes.

·    Refreshing a computer using ZTI and UDI task sequences fails when local admin accounts are present on the computer. Task sequences also fail when the default Capture User State step has Capture all user profiles with standard options selected but the default Restore User State step has the Restore local computer user profiles check box cleared and Configuration Manager 2007 cannot migrate the new accounts without assigning them passwords. To work around this issue, users must manually modify the task sequence, selecting the option to migrate local accounts, and must specify a password to be used with the local account. For details, see Capture User State.

·    In the case of UDI, the OSDDomainName task sequence variable is case-sensitive. When setting the OSDDomainName value through a task sequence step or in CS.ini, it must be an exact match to the domain value set in the UDI configuration file.

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