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Managing Packages with MDT 2010

Deploying packages in MDT is very straightforward. Simply import them into the Packages node within the deployment workbench and they will be installed during the deployment process. The Packages node will only read *.cab and *.msu files. You can use selection profiles to control these and ensure that only what you want is deployed.

MDT Deployment Package Node

This could be used if you would like to control Windows 7 Service Pack 1 during your deployment. You can download Windows 7 Service Pack 1 *.msu files from Microsoft Update Catalog [the site will only work with IE] and import it into Packages Node as above and it will be installed as part of your next deployment. [note: if you are pushing out a service pack, you must update your unattend.xml file]

Windows 7 Service Pack 1

You can automate the process by skipping the wizard and selecting your packages in series by selecting their GUID, remember this information can be placed in the CustomSettings.ini file . Example:




You can find the GUID’s by double clicking on any imported package:

Package's GUID

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