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Episode 11 – MDT 2012 and WDS Configuration

I received an email a couple of days ago requesting a blog about MDT 2012 and WDS. This is the way you should go if you are using MDT 2012. If you are dealing with multiple machines on your network that needs to be wiped and imaged Windows Deployment Services is the key item to accomplish this.
The demonstration setup is straight forward. I have one domain controller and one Windows Server 2008 R2 machine which will be the MDT server and the WDS server.  Here are some links with MDT and WDS information:

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2 Comments on Episode 11 – MDT 2012 and WDS Configuration

  1. Hi.
    I set this up as detailed in the video but I’m having two entries created within active directory for each computer deployed. One is due to the WDS approval and the other is done from the domain joining process with MDT.
    Are there suppose to be two entries created? Is it possible to merge them into one?

    • you shouldn’t have two entries within AD. WDS is only a bridge to communicate with your computers and the MDT server on your network.

      I would try to create a media iso within MDT, burn it on a DVD, boot a machine with the DVD and see if it duplicates again within your AD. This is the process of elimination to see if it’s your WDS or MDT causing the issue.

      I am assuming that you are talking about having two computer objects of same name within AD?


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