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Windows SharePoint Services pages are slow to load

This morning was a little crazy, a user that is always first at the job came to me and stated that the WSS site took about a minute to load up, but others in the office did not complain. This can only mean that after the first login, subsequent pages can be accessed fairly fast because no else complained about it [hmmmm…]. I did some digging and it looks like IIS has some processes running that can slow down performance. Everyday, the first user who logins for the first time in the morning will suffer the slowness [this user was always the first one to login, but this time they spoke up :)].

Here are the steps:

I solved this problem by turning off the worker process idle time out and worker process recycle options in the IIS 6.0.

1) Open the IIS Manager

2) Click on the Application Pools folder under the Computer node.

3) Right-click on the Application Pool which the WSS site is running on. I have a dedicated Application Pool called Sharepoint Portal assigned to my WSS Web Site.

4) Select Properties.

5) Select the Performance tab.
6) Uncheck the “Shutdown worker processes after being idle for” option.

6) Click on the Recycling Tab

7) Uncheck the “Recycle worker processes at the following times:” option.

I hope this helps out. By un-checking those two options within IIS the performance in the morning increased.

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