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Episode 15 – VMware Workstation 8 Mac OS X Unlocker

Is it possible to create a virtual machine of an Apple Mac OS X?

With the “VMware unlocker” this can be possible. The “VMware unlocker” is a compulsory utility to run Mac OS X as a guest within VMware Workstation.

Mac OS X Unlocker Link.

Once you download the file unzip it:

Go into the Windows folder:

Double click on the “install.cmd” file:

Once the installation is done you will be able to see the “Apple Mac OS X” as a Guest Operating System choice:

Booting into USB

Hold down the ALT key on the PC, so you could get the boot menu:

Make sure you connect the USB key to the VM:

Choice “Boot Manager”

Pick “EFI USB Device”

That’s it!

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