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Episode 19 – How To Enable Remote Access To MySQL Server on Windows Server


You were asked to install and configure MySQL server on a Windows Server machine and need to provide remote access to it for your group to configure and manager when you are not around 🙂


When you have completed the installation of the MySQL into the server. You can run this command:


Username – is the account you wish to create or use.

IP – is the physical IP address of the computer you wish to grant remote access to. [note: if you enter ‘%’ instead of an IP address, that user will be able to remote into MySQL from any computer]

Password – is the password you wish to create if it’s a new user or the existing password of an existing account.

Once the command is sent and completed you must run this command afterward:


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3 Comments on Episode 19 – How To Enable Remote Access To MySQL Server on Windows Server

  1. Thank you! I didn’t watch the video, the commands were enough for a Linux instance. In case someone get stuck as I did: besides granting access in MySQL, you shouldn’t forget to open the 3306 port or stop the firewall at all.

  2. Very well explained. 🙂
    Thanks a lot. Helped me in my time of need. Keep up the good work.

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