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Powershell: Folders and Subfolders

I had prepare a network share with folders and subfolders, and I wasn’t going to do it the manual way ;). That’s when PowerShell comes in and saves the day. Check out the video below for details on the script.

$archs = “x86”
$OSs = “Vostro 220″,”Vostro 220s”,”Vostro 230″,”Latitude D630″,”Latitude 630″,”Vostro 200″
$Makes = “USB”,”Network”,”Display”,”Audio”,”Media”

foreach ($arch in $archs)
foreach ($OS in $OSs)
foreach ($make in $Makes)
New-Item -path “$Folder\$OS $arch” -Name “$Make” -Type directory
}#close $make loop
}#close $OS loop
}#close $arch loop

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