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Review: Active Directory Tidy Utility

I was tasked to do a major clean up on Active Directory, but I didn’t want to write up a PowerShell script. This my friend is called “lazy mode”, I did some searching around the Internet and found AD Tidy Utility. This utility changed my workflow. It was easy to install, but you need to installed it on your Domain Controller so I was kind of worried about that. It worked like a champ and did the job I wanted and more. Check out the video below for the review:

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  1. Hello, hopefully someone can help answer this question. I have been tasked with repairing and updating my company’s main DCs to Server Standard 2012. Prior to doing so I am correcting all errors found in the BPA tool. The DNS scan results returned:

    DNS: Zone _msdcs.mydomain.com is an Active Directory integrated DNS Zone and must be available.

    I found this article explaining how to create that zone and resolve the error: http://itcalls.blogspot.com/2011/11/active-directory-integrated-dns-zone.html

    Once I go through the steps to create the zone, the error: “The Zone cannot be created. There was a server error” presents itself. In my environment I have: DNS\Servername\Forward Lookup Zones\mydomain.com\_msdcs. What I would like to see is DNS\Servername\Foward Lookup Zones\_msdcs.mydomain.com\ etc…

    Has anyone else seen this and what steps did you take to resolve. I have found a few but none match my issue. PLEASE HELP…



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