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MDT 2012 – Live Stream Event

I am looking for 100 likes on this video right below. I would like to get a live stream event going on dealing with MDT 2012. Main points on the event:

  • Configuration & Installation
  • Best Practices
  • Driver Management
  • SQL Database Configuration
  • Custom Scripts
  • Applications and Packaging
  • Capture and Sysprep
  • Best practice on WIM.
  • Using WDS with MDT 2012
  • Much more…
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3 Comments on MDT 2012 – Live Stream Event

  1. Hey BJ. This is Kevin from Atascadero, CA I don’t have a facebook account so I’m using my sons 🙂 I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do. You have helped me immensely in building my MDT 2012 infrastructure. I’m a System Administrator for Social Services in San Luis Obispo County. You are very talented at breaking down the complexities of this technology and getting straight to the heart of what we all really need this stuff to do for us. I learn more from you in your videos than an entire 2 day boring, wordy course! Keep up the good work.


  2. I am interested in your live stream on MDT 2012. I am currently running MDT 2010 using WDS and deploy pretty much everything from one OS image. We customize our deployments by creating roles for different types of workstations and use Lenovo retriever for driver updates along with HPSUS for Hp updated drivers. We later use Config manger to install custom apps after getting the standard image created. We are looking to upgrade to MDT 2012 and are looking at SCCM 2012.

    Any information for upgrading to MDT 2012. It looks more like a fresh install and hopefully importing as much as possible. I am just now starting to look into best practice. THanks…

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