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Windows Server 2012! – Turn the GUI Off and On Using Server Manager

When Server Core originally shipped, a lot of Windows admins avoided it because you could only use the command line, but this changes with Windows Server 2012 which enabled the use of a hybrid mode.

Step 1: Go into Server Manager > Manage > Remove Roles and Features

Snapshot 1 (4-6-2013 3-56 PM)

Step 2: Pick the server you want to remove the feature from:

Snapshot 2 (4-6-2013 3-57 PM)

Step 3:  From the “Remove Roles and Feature Wizard” – Click on User Interfaces and InfrastructureSnapshot 3 (4-6-2013 3-57 PM)

Step 4:  Click on “Remove Features

Snapshot 4 (4-6-2013 3-58 PM)

Step 5: Make sure to check off: “Restart the destination server automatically if requiredSnapshot 5 (4-6-2013 3-58 PM)

Step 6: Once the server is rebooted and you log into it, you are finally in Core. Congrats!

Snapshot 6 (4-6-2013 3-59 PM)

Click here to Turn the GUI Off Using Core and PowerShell



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