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How to Install Citrix XenServer 6.2.0 on VMware Workstation 9.0

Installation of Citrix XenServer 6.2 is pretty simple. Check out the video below or the step-by-step screen shots :) Step 1: Go to Citrix.com and download the iso for the XenServer vlcsnap-2013-06-30-19h38m35s105 Step 2: Create a New > Virtual Machine > Guest Operating System "VMware ESX - VMware ESXi 5" vlcsnap-2013-06-30-19h39m35s216

Step 3:

Make sure you enable “Virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI


Step 4:

Mount the ISO into your new Virtual Machine & start the Virtual Machine to get into the XenServer boot loader


Step 5:

Pick Your Keyboard Layout


Step 6:

Click > Ok


Step 7:

Accept EULA


Step 8:

Click > Ok


Step 9:

Click > Ok


Step 10:

Make sure “Local Media” is highlighted


Step 11:

If you have any Supplemental Packs > Click Yes | If not you could Click > No


Step 12:

Highlight > “Skip verification


Step 13:

Provide a Password to your console. Make sure you remember it because you will need it to connect to your XenServer when you install XenCenter.


Step 14:

From here configure your IP Address or let DHCP assign one for you.


Step 15:

Give your XenServer a host name and assign a DNS, if you don’t want to let your DHCP configure your DNS for you.


Step 16:

Configure your Time Zone


Step 17:

Continue to configure your Time Zone


Step 18:

Configure yout NTP if you have, if not let your DHCP configure it for you.


Step 19:

Continue to configure.


Step 20:

Click on “Install XenServer


Step 21:

Once the installation is completed, please remove the ISO or the CD and reboot your machine or Virtual Machine.


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18 Comments on How to Install Citrix XenServer 6.2.0 on VMware Workstation 9.0

  1. I, too, was having the “hang after a couple minutes error,” with what was the most updated version of both XenServer 6.2.0 and VMware Workstation 11. After a few weeks frustrated with endless attempts at re-configuration, XenServer 6.5.0 was released. After updating, I no longer experience this crash at all while working on VMware Workstation. It seems as though the devs at Citrix has cleared up this issue 🙂

  2. my xenservers hangs either, probably vmware workstation is not the optimal VM solution for xenhypervisors

    • not best practice to run a hypervisor within a hypervisor. If you are testing out the software and learning yes, but for a real production environment a spec out server will do the trick for you.

      • ofcourse I’am testing it, no point to run hyperviser within hypervisor. But its nasty, especially if I am doing presentation for this technology.

  3. Yep. it hangs after couple of minutes.
    Using VMware Workstation 10.0.3 build-1895310 and XenServer 6.2.

  4. Thanks for the this tutorial, I have the same issue: it hangs for me too after some minutes.

  5. was anyone able to create a functional Windows VM inside a nested XenServer?

  6. it hangs for me too after some minutes

  7. I picked up vmware esxi 5 as platform.

  8. After few minutes my XenServer hangs. Xenserver 6.2 on VMware Workstation 9 an 10.
    My Processor is Core i5-430M and VT-X and EPT are enabled on my Notebook.
    I can install and run VMware esxi 5.1 on VMware Workstation without any problem and even power on 64bit VMs in Nested esxi.

    • What profile are you using for your vm?

      • I tried with 2GB and 4GB RAM. 1 vcpu and 2 vcpu and 4 vcpu. Non of these worked. I also removed sound card, printer, floppy and USB. My Network connection is in NAT State.
        At first i can ping Xenserver and Connect with Xencenter, but after one or two minutes the VM completely hangs. No Ping, no keyboard in VM, even no restart inside VM. Just power off on Reset from Workstation Toolbar.
        I test Xenserver 6.2 inside Workstation 9.0.2 and 10. and Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8 x64 as host.

      • What did you pick as the platform when you created the vm? Ubuntu, windows, Linux, etc ?

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for this tutorial, it helped me…but i did the same thing and my XS hangs on Workstation after few minutes….any idea


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