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Sending a Microsoft Word 2013 Attachment by Email Without Editing Option

I do a lot of work in my YouTube channel :), and I had someone comment on one of my videos dealing with Microsoft Word 2013.


Good video, Sir...very helpful. I have been using MS Word 2003 for a LONG time. Word 13 I find confusing. With 03, when I saved my document, I could email it without all of the 'editing options' being visible on the page. I have been all over...I think it would be terrific if you did a vid on forwarding your docs and how they should look. Again, a million thanks. I go now to view some of your other vids. Stay safe, Hugh Yonn


The way I approached this was creating a Word 2013 document and sending it out using the build in emailing feature that Microsoft Word has. 7-19-2013 9-14-27 AM I sent this particular file into a *.docx and a *.xps file format to my job email. Why *.docx? and *.xps? *.docx
  • Everyone receives separate copies of the document
  • Changes and feedback need to be incorporated manually


  • Document looks the same on most computers
  • Preserves fonts, formatting, and images in the doucment
  • Content cannot be easily changed

7-19-2013 9-14-50 AM

Received the emails with the attachment.

7-19-2013 9-29-28 AM

I opened the *.docx file first and got this [look below]. Now it seems that the document opens up in protected view, but gives me the option to “enable editing

7-19-2013 9-31-09 AM

Options are disable:

7-19-2013 9-37-36 AM

But, if you click on the “enable editing” the option to edit the document will be enable [look below – not what Hugh Yonn wanted 🙂]

Protected view is gone ?!?!?! – Keep in mind that document will be in “read-only” but editable.

7-19-2013 9-40-17 AM

Now it’s time to open up the *.xps file, but you will get a dialog box when double-clicked “Opening Mail Attachment

7-19-2013 9-44-24 AM

When you click on open the document will be open using Windows xps viewer, but is this what Hugh Yonn wants; hmmm???

7-19-2013 9-46-27 AM

I dug deeper into this, so I open the Word 2013 and believe it or not you are able to restrict access to the document. Now this is only if you want to have the document being sent as a *.docx format 🙂 – You have to make sure that the developer tab is enabled and click on “Restrict Editing

7-19-2013 9-51-40 AM

When you click on the “Restrict Editing” you will get the Restriction Edition Dialog box

7-19-2013 9-57-03 AM

Click on “Allow only this type of editing in the document” and pick your option

7-19-2013 9-59-29 AM

The settings you want is “No changes (Read only)” and that’s it

7-19-2013 10-00-34 AM

Make sure to “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection

7-19-2013 10-01-37 AM

Add a password to the document “Lock it down 🙂

7-19-2013 10-02-35 AM

Now, save your document and email it as an attachment. When the person opens the Word 2013 document the protected view bar will not come up and they will see only this [editing options are disabled :)]

7-19-2013 10-05-39 AM

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3 Comments on Sending a Microsoft Word 2013 Attachment by Email Without Editing Option

  1. A million thanks…you spent a LOT of time on this…now, if I can remember all of the steps..

    Great information, Sir…thanks again,
    Hugh Yonn

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