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Mac Update! – OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 6 [13A558]

iCloud Keychain will be disabled after installing Developer Preview 6 New

iCloud Keychain will be disabled after installing Developer Preview 6. It can be re-enabled in the iCloud preference pane in System Preferences.

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 6 Release Notes :: 13A558

Developer Preview System Requirements

  • Notes and Known Issues

    iCloud and iCloud Keychain

  • iCloud Keychain will be disabled after installing Developer Preview 6. It can be re-enabled in the iCloud preference pane in System PreferencesInstallation
  • It may be necessary to refresh the App Store Purchases page before Developer Preview 4 will appear in the list of purchases.
  • Network migration from earlier versions of OS X requires the Migration Update for Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion available in the Downloads section of the seed portal.
  • Migration from Windows is not supported in Developer Preview 6.iBooksOS X Mavericks Developer Preview 6 includes a preview of iBooks for Mac. When you sign in with your iTunes account you will be able to access your existing iBooks library as well as the iBooks Store.

    What should I try:

  • Verify that your book library from iTunes 11.1 Beta moved to iBooks. Books are moved when you open iBooks for the first time.
  • Open and read a variety of books, including your favorite novels, picture books, and multi-touch books.
  • Add bookmarks, highlights, and notes, and verify that they sync to iBooks on iOS and other Macs. Note that you must have the Sync Bookmarks preference enabled.
  • Sync books to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch using iTunes.
  • Download books and samples from the iBooks Store in iBooks.
  • Download books from the iBooks Store in iTunes and verify that they appear in iBooks.Known Issues:
  • If iBooks is not open and signed in to the iBooks Store when a book is purchased in iTunes, the purchased book will not download in iBooksThird-Party Applications and Devices
  • The Twitter application may unexpectedly quite when sending a tweet.Other
  • Screen recordings taken with Developer Preview 6 are not compatible with earlier releases of OS X.
  • Moving a full-screen Aperture window to a secondary display may prevent the app window from being visible in subsequent attempts to use full screen.
  • Fusion Drive volumes created with Developer Preview 4 are not compatible with OS X v10.8.4 or earlier.
  • Applications may stop responding to scroll events, particularly while using the accessibility zoom feature. If you experience this problem, restarting OS X should resolve the issue.
  • FaceTime calls may continue to ring after caller has ended the call.
  • Some strings in Keychain and Certificate Assistant may not be fully localized.
  • Starting in Developer Preview 4, non-admin users will be allowed to install and update software from the Mac App Store. This functionality can be disabled with a profile that sets the “restrict-store-require-admin-to-install” key to true (boolean) in the com.apple.appstore domain.
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