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JamStik from Zivix “Music at your finger tips”


If you are a music lover, you will love the JamStik digital guitar controller for iOS & PC devices. I had the opportunity to stop by at the JamStik booth in Engadget Expand event [Nov 9-10, 2013]. Zivix demonstrated the pre-production models of JamStik and The PUC wireless midi link and it was amazing.


The JamStik provides users the ability to learn and play the guitar at their own pace, in virtually any location, and unlike any other product on the market. It also works as a controller that digitally connects with 100s of MIDI apps allowing for unlimited uses. From composing in Garage Band, creating riveting loops in Loopy, to accessing thousands of unique instrument sounds, the JamStik provides every level of the player, from the beginner to the performer, an amazing platform to experience a new connection to music.

JamStik Features
•       The mobile digital guitar to Learn, Create & Play Wirelessly on your favorite device
•       Real Strings, Real Frets, Real Playing – Even replicating accurate string bend
•       Backpack friendly play anywhere and any time
•       No tuning, low latency and wireless midi connectivity
•       Bundled Apps- JamTutor to learn and JamMix to just have fun
•       Winner Popular Science Top 10 Inventions of 2013


The PUC offers the unique ability for MIDI based digital instruments to wirelessly connect to an iPad and other compatible Apple devices. It allows users to truly keep their mobile devices mobile, without the need of dozens of wires and cords while allowing them to connect virtually any type of gear with a MIDI port to an iPad and any other compatible Apple devices. Users can attach the PUC to a keyboard, sampler, drum machine or sequencer to name a few compatible instruments. The PUC makes the process of connecting these devices to an iPad, Mac or iPhone simple, convenient and accessible to 100s of great MIDI-based music apps. The PUC simplifies connections by eliminating unnecessary wires and specialty boxes.

The PUC Features
•       Wirelessly connects to iOS devices, connecting your controller using a 5-pin DIN cable
•       Pocket-sized rugged design allows for easy portability
•       Micro USB port can power the PUC while in use, or two AA batteries can power PUC
•       1 MIDI port: software switchable IN/OUT

Overall, the device was smooth and amazing on how it worked. The sound quality of JamStick and PUC working tomorrow was great. A must have for this Christmas!

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