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Pivothead Wearable Imaging “Get That Shot”

11-9-2013 4-23-19 PM

I had the pleasure with speaking with Zach Barbitta from Pivothead in NYC Engadget Expand.  I was surprised about the hands-free camera that captures life in full 1080p HD video as well as 8MP stills images.


The control settings for the Pivothead glasses include pre-set modes such as action sport, social, indoor and even black & white, it actually makes Pivothead extremely easy to use. Settings are controlled via computer or the Pivothead smartphone app, which also allows for quick cropping and sharing. Pivothead’s tiny footprint contains technical features such as:

  • Continuous, Auto, Fixed, and Macro focus settings
  • Black & White
  • Face tracking
  • Up to 16 burst capture 8P stills
  • Various time lapse settings
  • ISO controls
  • Three exposure settings.

Technical specification of Pivothead

Tech Specs

~click image to view technical specifications~

Beyond the impressive technical stats, Pivothead seeks to inspire people to push the creative boundaries of point-of-view video… to change how we see and capture life on a day-to-day basis… to change how we visually share our world with one another.

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