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HALOband The First Smart NFC Cloud Wristband

haloband_wp_header The advantage of Haloband is that it integrates six kinds of most useful mobile functions — unlocking mobile devices easily and seamlessly, flashlight, instant photo, songs switch and so on — making them simple and smart. Besides, it provides a section with a free cloud account for users, which is never seen before on any smart wearable device, creators explained on Kickstarter.


The silicon band will initially be available in three sizes and seven colour schemes and will work with an Android app that ensures only the wearer can gain access to a smartphone after the two devices have been paired through NFC.


“Smartphone is amazing, but complicated for some people. So we aim to smart simple and easy for most people. And since high technology has been too too cool to most people, we aim to make it sexy and fashion through designed outlook.”

Image Credit: ©HALOband

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