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Use Chrome OS Desktop on Windows 8.1


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Many of my readers prefer Google Chrome to Microsoft's Windows 8.1 apps. Not to many people can purchase a Google Chromebook. Well, we are in luck and it looks like Windows 8.1 machines can become a Chromebook in a few clicks. You can actually swap the entire "Modern" environment with the Google Chrome OS desktop hiding the Windows 8.1 interface entirely.

Step 1: Make sure you install Google Chrome on your Windows 8.1 machine


Step 2: Once you install Google Chrome – start it up and make it your default browser


Step 3:  If you don’t get the dialog box from step #2 then you have to go into Google Chrome settings and make it your default browser



Step 4: When Google Chrome is set to your default browser – close all windows and relaunch Google Chrome and open “Customize and control Google Chrome


Step 5:  You will see “Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 mode” option – click on it


Step 6: The entire desktop should look and feel like a Chromebook


Step 7: Go to your “app launcher” and log into your Gmail account


Step 8: Once you are in your Gmail account you have access to all the Gmail features.


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