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Awesome Things at the 2014 New York Toy Fair

toy_fiar_2014_wp_header The 2014 American International Toy Fair this week [February 16-19] ushered in a collection of the hottest toys due out this year. BTNHD was welcomed with open arms from the best toy makers in the market. I couldn't stop taking pictures of all the awesome toys. It felt like I turned into a 8 year old kid and placed in a warehouse of toys and I didn't know where to start from.  Should I do this, should I go there or over there. I took out my camera and started to shoot anything that caught my eye. Oh boy!, many things caught my eye at the 2014 Toy Fair.

First stop I had to go was to the registration booth to pick up my badge. I met a nice gentleman and he helped me out. He needed to check out my credentials to make sure BJTechNews was the real deal :).
IMG_9735As I started my journey to the Toy Fair. Something small and awesome looking caught my eye and that was “PotaToyz” – the first digital toy on tablets.
IMG_9660Flexdex Skateboards were there showing off there awesome light up LED skateboard. This skateboard is like Incredible Hulk – it can’t break with it’s polycarbonate material.
IMG_9668The crew from Soapets were enjoying there time at the toy fair.
IMG_9675Had a laugh at Awesimals the interactive character case for your iPhone devices.
IMG_9684Might be buying this mini bike for my son from Go-Bowen.
IMG_9677The old fashion Robocop was there from Enterbay. I was blown away with the details made on this figure. WOW!


The Original Robocop


Look at the great details!

As I roam in the Toy Fair, my eyes and my camera go crazy and I start to take many pictures of everything, but only the cool stuff 🙂

Grabbing boobs action 🙂

The New Robocop – Jet Black!!


I’m BATMAN!!!!



Prototype 15 – Ironman


Ultra-beam blast


Say Cheese!





I had a blast for the second day of the Toy Fair event. Tomorrow is the last day, so hopefully I will head down there and get more footage for you guys. Maybe a YouTube video :). We will see.

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