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EXO UI – Same UI on any device for BYOD and Collaboration

exo_u_logo_1200x400_rgb EXO U, Inc., unveils the next release of its award-winning, cross-OS application engine and user interface at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this year.  EXO’s UI enables Bring Your Own Device or BYOD for short by providing the same snappy user experience on top of 5 different operating systems, with or without Internet connectivity.

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As the number of operating systems and form factors proliferates, the challenge of managing these devices continues to escalate. Developers are forced to pick and choose which operating systems they will support. But with EXO U’s latest software release EXO UI 3.0, IT administrators are able to easily develop, manage, and deploy applications to their workforces, dramatically improving productivity for development resources and staff while saving on infrastructure and connectivity costs.


EXO U enables the same user experience across different OS’s, and allows developers to run the same apps on several different devices and form factors. From the device’s hardware to on premise networking and infrastructure, EXO U integrates with existing systems in order to deliver a simple, intuitive UI that is easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to build on.


EXO U’s platform stands apart in the following areas:

  • Unified Experience across All Devices – from the developer to the end user, everyone can focus on a great user experience. A user experience at its simplest, consistent across any devices, enabling true BYOD.
  • Snappy and Flawless – less than a second to start using an app, supports offline mode, and is not dependent on the quality of the connectivity. Delivers greater productivity to your workforce with tools that are so simple and intuitive, they rival their consumer counterparts.
  • Collaborative – removes the barriers to collaboration with the EXO U framework. With its hybrid server and peer-to-peer model, EXO UI delivers a natural and consistent collaborative experience.
  • Always On – EXO UI and apps run online and offline. Using local static data and data synchronization improves responsiveness, optimizes bandwidth usage and enables offline productivity. Ensures end users can continue to collaborate in peer-to-peer mode.
  • Full control – The EXO UI is a sandboxed, protected area running on the device that creates a dual persona.  IT administrators have full-control of the sandbox from the EXO U provided management console which allows them to administer security policies, provision apps and data, and manage users.

BTNHD is super impressive with this concept of using the UI throughout all devices in your household no matter what OS you are running. We can’t wait to get our hands with the application and drive test it for ourselves.  But, if you can’t wait please check out there live MWC demonstration .

Images created to: @EXO_U

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