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My Day At The NYC DVLUP Event

dvlup_wp_header Today (March 22, 2014) in the early cold morning of New York City. DVLUP was having a Windows Phone Development event with the best; talking about Nokia's phones and getting your custom app ready to be deployed within the Windows App Store.


waiting outside in the cold for #DVLUPday

What is DVLUP? They help developers become more successful with building their own Windows app by having fun, earning rewards and building new ideas.


Track #1 Lance McCarthy – Introduction to Windows Phone and App Store Development

I was blessed to attend Track #1 Lance McCarthy session which was the Introduction to Windows Phone and App Store Development. Their were other great tracks as well in the event dealing with “Taking Your App to The Cloud (Jesus Aguilar)”, “Game Development Using Unity (Steve Maier)” and “Porting Your Unity Games to Windows Phones (Michael Cummings)”.


tattoo challenge

I was even tattoo by Kavita Karode, a Developer Marketing Manager that was stationed at the event tattooing everyone for the tattoo challenge.


Nick Landry

After a huge lunch our stomachs were full, but the thirst for learning was still there as we continue our tracks for the day. The knowledge and power given to us by the speakers allows us to create our own Windows App so quickly that we could have an actually working app by the end of the night. I’m very proud of taking part of this event today and I have to go because as Nick Landry has told us “April 12th is the deadline, don’t wait to the end to publish your app.” Let me go and build my app; stay tune I will place a video on me creating the app on YouTube.

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