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World’s Largest Video Game PvP Battle

3-12-2014 9-48-24 PMAll you need to participate in this official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS record attempt for the Largest Videogame PvP Battle is a modern web browser.

The full game of Age of Ascent will be launching in early 2015, and this official world record attempt is a free public alpha test of the PvP component of new gaming MMO architecture that we’ve built in the cloud on Windows Azure.

On the day, everyone will be put in identical spaceships in a single battlezone and assigned to either a red or a blue team. It’s realtime, direct-piloting dogfighting, and it’s happening in your web browser! We have no idea how many people will turn up on Friday, so we’re going to be letting players into the game in (increasingly large) batches until all of the servers are running hot! Please just wait on this page (we’ll be showing video from inside the game to entertain you) and when a new batch is let in (or a space becomes free) you’ll be let in automatically.

We’ll be posting news and info about AoA over the next few days and weeks. To stay informed, sign up to our newsletter!

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