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Enable and Use Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise Mode

enterprise_mode_IE_11   Enterprise Mode is a new feature in Internet Explorer 11 that allows businesses to use old web applications in modern versions of IE; it allows the website to render like it did in Internet Explore 8. Some businesses have actucally standardized on older versions of Internet Explorer and may use internal web applications[intranet sites] that just don’t function with modern versions of  the new Internet Explorer that comes with Windows 8.1 .This feature is designed to help businesses who still need Internet Explorer 8 for some reason to upgrade to a more modern, secure browser.

 How do you enable it?

Step 1: Bring up the Run dialog box [Windows Key + R] – Type in gpedit.msc to bring up the local group editor


Step 2: Expand the User Configuration Node


Step 3: Go into Administrative Templates >> Windows Components


Step 4: Get into the Internet Explorer


Step 5: The first group policy is “Let users turn on and use Enterprise Mode from the Tool…


Step 6: Double click on the policy and configure it. The policy lets you decide whether users can turn on Enterprise Mode for websites with compatibility issues.


Step 7: The second group policy is “Use the Enterprise Mode IE website list


Step 8: Double click on it and configure the policy with a list of websites you want opened using Enterprise Mode IE, instead of Standard mode because of compatibility issues.


Step 9: Once your group policies are configured. You can test it out by opening Internet Explorer 11 and going to Menu bar >> Tools >> Enterprise Mode


Step 10: You will get Enterprise Mode icon within your Address bar


Step 11: Once you click on it will state that Enterprise Mode is On





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  1. Luis Baltezar // February 12, 2019 at 7:31 pm // Reply

    Hi, I have a problem, because I do not let it activate because the machine was disconnected from the network and when I tried to activate it in the menu it did not appear afterwards, is there another way to activate this feature, or to correct the problem ?, I would appreciate it very much if you could help me

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