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Lenovo Going Multimode On Its First Chromebook


Lenovo is doing a great job this year with coming out with a new Yoga Tablet HD and now announcing  its first Chromebooks for consumers, which will be the N20 Chromebook and N20p Chromebook. Lenovo is giving consumers two choices to enjoy the Chrome experience in a thin and light form factor  with a great price attached to it starting at $279.

You might ask yourself why two versions – Well, the N20 provides the familiar comfort of a traditional laptop and the N20p Chromebook breaks the mold for Chromebooks with its innovative multimode design featuring Laptop and Stand modes.

Both laptops are designed for maximum portability maintaining the concept of being thin and light at less than 17.9mm and weighting less than 1.4kg. The display is 11.6 inches with 1366×768 HD screen resolution. User can comfortably see their work and type by using the full-sized keyboard with its over-sized attractive track-pad.

While the N20 Chromebook features a traditional laptop design, the multimode N20p Chromebook’s keyboard flexes 300-degree backward to convert from Laptop mode to Stand mode. The same features found in the beautiful Yoga Tablet HD. With stand mode it gives users a new way for watching videos up close and interacting with the 10-finger touchscreen when playing games and browsing the internet.

If you are worried about the battery life, no worries Lenovo’s Chromebooks are coming with eight hours of battery life and powered by an Intel Celeron processor with integrated graphics, which will allow users to quickly and seamlessly boot the Chromebook immediately to begin on their task for the day. The Chromebooks will come with up to 16 GBs of internal hard drive space and up to 100 GBs of free cloud storage from Google Drive for storing your documents.

I’m super excited that Lenovo is getting themselves into the Chrome OS era. It’s time for a new chapter in there product line. They have Android OS devices, Windows 8 laptops, and now Chrome OS devices. It’s a great year for Lenovo. Can’t wait to get the Lenovo Chromebook in the shop to do a full review on.

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