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Disable Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

One of the most ignoring things about Windows 8.1 is the Lock Screen. You have to click on it to view your username so you can log into your machine. Okay, I understand it looks cool and it makes sense for a touch screen device like a tablet. But, come on not for a desktop user that just wants to log into their machine to work on that document that is due the next day. Here is a quick way in disabling the lock screen in Windows 8.1.

*note – copy and paste the code below into notepad and save it as a *.reg file.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
; Disable Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

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2 Comments on Disable Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

  1. Excellent tip for the home desktop user, but I noticed you’ve linked this post with the MDT stuff. In an enterprise environment, where MDT is mostly going to be used, this may be a bad idea as the lock screen provides a measure of security. Think about the damage that could be caused by someone stumbling across an unlocked desktop in your Finance, HR and IT departments. Even in smaller companies that I’ve worked with, the lock screen is a mandatory feature. I’ve even seen requests from users to remove the lock screen get a flat out “Not going to happen” from the IT staff and managers.

    • Yes I labeled it MDT because a video is coming out tomorrow detailing this registry hack. It disables the front image that you see before entering your username and password to log into your machine.

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