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Lenovo’s Tough Season Fantasy Football is Coming.

Lenovo Tough Season Lenovo is at it again, a proud sponsor of the NFL and hosting the Tough Season Fantasy Football video series online making a comeback so strong that it will blow your socks off. If you are a big fan of fantasy football and Lenovo this is the show to watch. How many Lenovo products can you find during the new season?


Can you name this Lenovo product?

It’s all up to Brad and his staff to make it work and be “B-RAD” to win this year’s Fantasy football and bring it home again. Can Brad do it this year, with the help of Lenovo and his all-star coach to support him. Brad has it tough this year with Harris as his nemesis and his main goal in life is to defeat Brad no matter what. Stay tune for the new season is scheduled to launch Friday, August 21, 2014.

Lenovo Tough Season

co-worker vs. co-worker in the battle of Fantasy Football – who will win?

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