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Timeful The Intelligent Time Assistance iOS App

Timeful, the Intelligent Time Assistant, that gets things scheduled so you’ll get them done. It combines your calendars and to-do list so you can see everything that’s competing for your time, in one place. It uses sophisticated algorithms and behavioral science to offer suggestions – tailored for you based on your available time and location – to place to-dos and good habits in the best times in your day.
Timeful learns from your past plans, responses to suggestions and accomplishments to makes even better scheduling recommendations over time.
Timeful makes time for things that matter, including:

* Adding to-dos & good habits
* Scheduling your to-dos & good habits for a day, a specific time or multiple times per week
* Sideline an event to make time to accomplish other things
* Acting on suggestions to schedule your to-dos and good habits
* Configuring the suggestions for productive time, work hours and location


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