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Yosemite’s Feedback Assistant 4.0.4 Workaround Fix

Feedback Assistant 4.0.4

Workaround for submitting a sysdiagnose

In OS X Yosemite 14A314h there is a problem with the sysdiagnose tool and this is creating an error in Feedback Assistant.  You can workaround these errors by doing the following:

1.  In Feedback Assistant 4.0.4, dismiss the error that says “The Server returned an Error” or “Sysdiagnose (System Diagnostics) failed”.

2.  Finish writing your bug report and close the report without submitting.  It will now be in your Drafts folder.

3.  Select the draft, and choose Edit Draft, the report will open and the sysdiagnose will be attached.

4.  Make sure the report is complete, and click on Submit.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these pre-release build and Feedback Assistant issues.

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