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OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 8 Release Notes

OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 8 Notes and Known Issues Installation Known Issue - Users with automatic installation of updates enabled will not be automatically logged in after reboot from installing Developer Preview 8. If FileVault is enablebled, the system will shut down if the user does not log in shortly after reboot. Family Sharing Known Issues - Shared purchase history pages on Mac App Store and iOS App Store are disabled. - Items already owned by family members must be re-downloaded from the Purchased page (not Store pages) to get them free of additional charge.

Gatekeeper Note

– Signatures created with OS X v10.8.5 or earlier (“v1 signatures”) are obsoleted and will no longer be recognized by Gatekeeper. To ensure your apps will run on updated versions of OS X they must be signed using the codesign tool on OS X v10.9 or later (“v2 signatures”).

Handoff Known Issue

– Using Handoff to pass an untitled TextEdit document between two Macs may not work. Saving the document first and waiting 5-10 seconds before attempting Handoff may resolve this issue.

SMS Note

– SMS Continuity is not currently available for testing. It will be available in October via a free update to iOS 8.

iCloud Drive Note

– Migrating to iCloud Drive will disable Documents & Data syncing for your iCloud account on OS X Mavericks and earlier Macs, as well as iOS 7 and earlier devices.

Aperture Note

– Only Aperture 3.5.1 will run on OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 8. Older versions of Aperture will not launch.

Aperture Known Issues

– Text and other UI elements such as checkboxes and radio buttons may be clipped or not display properly.

– Thumbnails and images may occasionally be out of sync when in Split Browser mode.

– Printing a book to Preview from the local printing dialog may result in an error.

iPhoto Note

– Only iPhoto 9.5.1 will run on OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 8. Older versions of iPhoto will not launch.

iPhoto Known Issues

– Text and other UI elements such as checkboxes and radio buttons may be clipped or not display properly.

– Images shared to Twitter and Messages may be rendered at a reduced size.

Safari Known Issues

– On certain machines, some forms of protected content, such as Netflix, may fail to play back. To resolve, hold down Option during the next reboot and select your OS X Yosemite partition.

Tools Notes

– In Developer Preview 8, unsigned or improperly signed kexts will not be loaded. To use unsigned kexts during development, this strict check can be disabled by adding a “kext-dev-mode=1” boot arg.

– AVFoundation changes the way some ID3 metadata values are represented as AVMetadataItems for binaries that are linked with the Developer Preview 8 SDK.

– Installing kernel extensions on systems running Developer Preview 8 may make your system un-bootable. To fix the issue, boot into the Recovery Partition and run the following:

⁃ touch /Volumes/<10.10 Partition>/System/Library/Extensions

⁃ kextcache -u /Volumes/<10.10 Partition>

– In OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 8 and iOS 8.0 beta, the NSURLSessionTask class provides a new priority property. Complete usage details are available in the NSURLSession.h header file, provided by the Foundation framework.

– URLForUbiquityContainerIdentifier: might return nil when running your application in Xcode. If so, open System Preferences, navigate to iCloud > iCloud Drive, and enable Xcode.

– Developer Preview 8 includes new APIs to create CIContext objects that use the second GPU on Mac Pro hardware.

– App extensions for OS X are always run as 64-bit code. You will need to build your extensions, and any shared frameworks they depend upon, to include 64-bit support.

Other Known Issues

– Some text may not be localized to the selected system language.

– Some languages may have clipped or misaligned layout.

– Locking your system via Find My Mac may may result in the OS X Yosemite Partition being unusable. Rebooting into another partition will allow the system to be unlocked.

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