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Martian Watches Launches New Line of Notifier Smart-watches [Audio]

  Martian-Watch The Martian Notifier line features a timeless analog design with a customizable vibration patterns and an integrated OLED readout that delivers real-time alerts and notifications from the convenience of your wrist. These type of notifications include: Caller ID, Calendar, Weather, texts, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, favorite games, bank alerts, fitness stats, news headlines, and other alerts that come from your smartphone. Vibration patterns for each type of alert are set using the free Martian App [iTunes & Google Play] on your smartphone, letting you know if you've just received an email, text message or news alerts without even looking at your phone. The Martian Notifier App lets you filter the notification you want sent to the watch, and you can recall past notification for a quick review.


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