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Software Removal Tool for Google Chrome

10-7-2014 9-41-40 AM If you are having any crapware or spyware issues with your Google Chrome, Google recently launched a new tool to fight theses issues. I think this is the best starting point to help clean up a computer that has been infected with nonsense like the "Coupon Toolbar".

It’s a straight forward application. Open up another browser like IE (Internet Explorer) or FireFox and navigate to www.google.com/chrome/srt/ and click the Download now button.

Make sure to accept the terms – read it first 🙂

Once you accept the terms the download will start. Save the file and remember where it was dropped:

Locate the file:

Double-click on the *.exe file to start the application:

When you click on “Run” Google software removal application will start doing it thing and search for any crapware or spyware:

The cool thing about the software is if the tool doesn’t find anything wrong on your computer, it’s still going to reset all your settings, which can be really useful. Now, you have the option to opt-out if you don’t want to reset your settings, but it’s an option.

Google Chrome removal tool can be very useful when family members or friends are having problems with Chrome and you don’t have the time to look at it. You can tell them to download and run this tool and they can reset their settings. It’ll wipe any nonsense preventing them from using Chrome.

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