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Stay Alert with Blanc’s Spark Smart Watch

Blanc-Spark-Smart-Watch Blanc is a wearable technology company with a twist in today's smart-watches industry. Instead of creating smart-watches that have hundreds of features and that are targeted towards a broad consumer base, Blanc focuses on delivering just one unique feature in each smart-watch. The awesome part of this smart-watch is that the company was started by seventeen-year-old high school students out of a garage near MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I was able to interview the seventeen-year-old high school students and get first hand of what the device is all about:


Spark is a smart-watch that detects when you doze off in the middle of a day and gently vibrates  you to wake you back up. It’s just the kind of product I needed when I was in high school due to all the late gaming and studying. The technology behind Spark uses motion tracking algorithms developed in conjunction with sleep researchers to analyze an individual’s motion patterns throughout the day. Using this data, the watch can detect when it’s user has fallen asleep at an inconvenient time. What makes the smart-watch tick is a 12V vibration motor to rouse the user if he/she falls asleep.

Overall, the smart-watch is a must for all ages. I find myself falling asleep during the day at work, but with this wearable device I can continue working without getting caught snoozing in the job. Blanc Inc Spark smart-watch retail at $49.00, which is a steal.





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