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Top 15 Windows 10 New Features [Video]

Windows 10 header With Windows 10 you have to expect many new exciting features and here are the top 15 features I've seen off the bat. Can you continue the list?

Feature #1 – Start Menu

Feature #2 – Pin To start menu

Feature #3 – Disable charm bar [only for supported hardware]

Feature #4 – Task view “Virtual Desktop”

Feature #5 – “Expose”

Feature #6 – New search features – linked to Bing!

Feature #7 – Shutdown option

Feature #8 – Windows snap features

Feature #9 – Command prompt

Feature #10 – Replace command with PowerShell

Feature #11 – Start screen [disable/enable]

Feature #12 – One drive integration

Feature #13 – Personalize the Start Menu

Feature #14– Desktop Icon changed

Feature #15 – Modern Apps comes to the desktop

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2 Comments on Top 15 Windows 10 New Features [Video]

  1. A number of the icons have been changed, not just the desktop icon. They’ve given “This PC”, desktop, File Explorer, Network and Homegroup the new flat style icons, as opposed to the 3D style icons they had for 7/8/8.1. The icons for various drives on your computer still seem to be the 3D though. But, it’s an early preview, who knows what it will look like when it gets released, or, for that matter, from week to week.

    • I feel like the Windows 10 future builds will be like Mac builds with design changes only. I think this is what we will get at the end; I could be wrong. Maybe a couple of changes, but nothing huge. But again it’s in the early stages we will see.

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