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Windows Insider Program Releases New Build for Windows 10

Windows 10 Microsoft released a new build yesterday [October 21, 2014], making it build 9860. This is the very first update build to Windows 10 Technical Preview. Now, don't get use to the the big updates as of yet because Microsoft wont' be pushing out updates like this all the time. You will get the latest builds automatically with Windows Updates. Windows 10 Build 9860 is about 2.8GBs to download locally to your machine before it starts installing; it's basically a new OS version.

Getting Started:

  • The latest build will come to you automatically via the magic of Windows Update. That means you have to have your machine run all night to get the update because it's a big one. You can always force the download when you are ready to get it on your machine.

Go into your “PC Settings” –

vlcsnap-2014-10-22-12h47m07s209Click on Update and Recovery –


Click on “Preview Builds” and then click on the “Download Now” button


It takes some time, so go to sleep. Once completed you will have the new build


What’s New?

Well, I noticed three things off bat. I know their are many more, but for now here are three. Stay tune for more updates on the new build.

Notifications – which will be integrated with your Windows Phone



Get the build faster – You are able to change when you want the new Windows build to be pushed down to your machine. Be careful, because normally the first build have many bugs and you will get them all.


Some known problems:

Before talking about the new things, I will remind you that you are using a work in progress. As Joe said in his last post, we’re sharing things with you even though there are rough edges. This is the part of building Windows that you usually don’t get to see, since we work hard to smooth these out before it typically gets to you. There are likely many small bugs that you’ll encounter, but these are a few of the big ones that we think you should be aware of right away:

  • In some places the UI design has gone “backwards” temporarily while we’re working on the final experiences. For example in this build we know that it’s harder to join a Wi-Fi network. We’ll make changes to fix that later.
  • Another example of some UI “roughness” is sometimes Internet Explorer glyphs look garbled and items on the Start menu might disappear. Not everyone will see this, it depends on your display driver. We have a fix for this one coming soon.
  • Some machines may wake up and not go back to sleep properly.
  • Microsoft Solitaire and Mahjong games are broken in some cases and won’t launch.
  • When using 2 external monitors over Display Link, you may get a blue screen when you undock. This does not appear to be an issue when using just 1 external monitor. A fix for this one is in the works too.
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2 Comments on Windows Insider Program Releases New Build for Windows 10

  1. First impressions for Windows 10 “technical preview”:
    Windows 10 interface looks very much like Windows 8.1, running processes use many resources and slows down the computer, and there are problems with some drivers (audio and network). Let’s hope the final version will be much better.

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