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Configure Work Folders On Client Machines

Okay, I normally start on a mini-series but never get to finish it because I start on a new project :).  That's when subscribers contact me when they want to see the rest of the series and you know I have to work hard and fast to complete it. About a year ago, wow that's a long time I created a video on how to create and configure work folders on Windows Server 2012 R2, but I never showed you guys how to configure the client side. One of the subscribers on BTNHD wanted the client side video and you know me; I have to work it around my schedule and do it. 11-15-2014 11-48-46 AM

The video on this article will show you how to configure Work Folders on a client machine, but as always no one is perfect and I forgot to mention some things to make this work. Plus, I was able to expand my storage on the virtual machine and was able to connect to the work folder in the video.

First of all, the Work Folders set up Wizard uses the domain specified in the email address and adds “workfolder” to the beginning. For example, if your email address is username@bjtech.edu, then the set up Wizard will try to connect to https://workfolder.bjtech.edu.

If you’re using Windows DNS, you can add the record on your DNS server by using the following PowerShell command:

Add-DnsServerResourceRecordCName –Name “workfolder” –HostNameAlias “workfolder.bjtech.edu” –ZoneName “bjtech.edu”

Just replace “bjtech.edu” with your company’s domain name.


At the end of the video, the machine didn’t have enough space to continue the connection between the client’s machine and Work Folders server. I expanded the hard drive space and continued the wizard and you guys will see this if everything goes well:



click on next:



accept the polices:

Oh no!, yeah we problems. It seems that user doesn’t have admin rights. I changed the permissions on the computer and I got it to work


It will start setting up, which is a good thing:


Brief summary on what just happened. This is great sign.


Once you click on close you will get these two windows. That’s guys congrats!


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