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Goodbye Lost, Tangled and Damaged Headphones – Hello Mous Musicase

Mous-Musicase I’m super excited to be here at the Engadget Expand NY event this year because Mous is launching their new product called Mous Musicase. Mous Musicase integrates your Apple headphones into a stylish iPhone case. That means no more searching for your headphone, taking them out of your pocket all tangled up and damaging them because their tangled. The case is made for the iPhone 5/5s/5c and pretty soon they will be launching for the iPhone 6.

Old School!

Mous keeps them safe and instantly accessible for when you need them. Mous Musicase will be launching their Kickstarter on the 7th November, starting from just $27. However, those who act fast, the early birds can receive their Mous Musicase from just $24 and also receive a free extra white winder so they can customize their case as and when they feel.

Imaged created: Mous®

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