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Learn How to Code with Codarica

Codarica-CodeQuest What’s Codarica? It’s an awesome Swedish company that focuses on teaching children how to code through gameplay and storytelling. I wish I had this when I was growing up. They recently launched an iPad app that will get children hooked on coding.  Speaking as a father of a 5 year old - he loves the game, and he doesn’t know that his actually coding in HTML & CSS. The app is called “CodeQuest” this app will place your child into the world of coding and at the end they will create their first website.


CodeQuest is a game-based iPad app which provides hands on interaction that will teach children how to create their first website. The purpose of the app is to take children, approximately ages six to eight, on their first coding adventure and introduce them to the world of code – conquering one programming language at the time – starting with HTML & CSS.  BTNHD is super excited because we will be meeting them this Friday at the Engadget Expand NY event.

Image created: Codarica®

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