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Lenovo Horizon 2e: Tabletop PC Review

The Lenovo Horizon 2e is a 21.5" portable all-in-one PC, which is better and affordable then its little sibling of the Horizon 2 series. The magic happens when the system is laid flat and becomes a table PC using Lenovo's Aura interface. As a tabletop PC users are able to enjoy the multi-touch capable screen allowing multiple users to interact, collaborate and share at the same time.


o Tabletop PC Category – A different approach to the entertainment and education experience that is also a full productivity-focused PC.

o Multi-User Interface Experience– The Aura 2.0 user interface was created completely for the Horizon. Aura 2.0 adds more games, education apps, organization, photo editing and more to the Horizon 2e.

o Portability- Horizon 2e comes with a battery built in, allowing users to transport the 2e from desk to floor, kitchen to living room, bedroom to office without tripping over a power cord. Also, weighing just 10lbs, it’s easy to transport.


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