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Windows 10 Build 9879 New Features [video]

windows-10_wpHeader Microsoft released their newest build, which is numbered 9879 and so far Microsoft has been listening to everyone's feedback. While I was poking around the operating system I only noticed seven new things that weren't on build 9860.

What’s new?

  1. Search and Task View are able to be hidden from the task-bar
  2. Animation was fixed
  3. Modern apps “…” button was re-designed
  4. 3 Finger Gestures were added
  5. OneDrive now provide faster sync options
  6. OneDrive have an setting dialog box to choose what folders can be synced locally
  7. Internet Explorer has a “Send a Frown” feature to report any bugs on the browser.

If I missed any more new features, don’t hesitate and comment right below; continue the list.

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1 Comment on Windows 10 Build 9879 New Features [video]

  1. Amazing new features now been added to windows 10 , Microsoft sure knows how to do the stuff.
    This version 10 of windows will be a milestone make.

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