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It was all about the fans at the PlayStation Experience this weekend

playstation-experience_wp_header The PlayStation Experience was amazing! Okay, I would admit that I'm a huge Microsoft Xbox fan even though PlayStation was my first major console upgrade from Nintendo 64.  The way PlayStation treats their fans is great. One of the speakers during the panel sessions mentioned “it's because of you that PlayStation is so successful”. Clearly, “you” is referred to us the gamers that stay up all night playing games or even staying out in cold waiting on long lines to purchase the new release of a game.

In the beginning of the keynotes, Shawn Layden came out guns blazing. He kept his speech short and simple and the show started with a live PlayStation 4 game play of Uncharted 4. Let me tell you that playing any game in big screen with an amazing Dolby surround sound system is an experience you will never forget. The geek within me was looking at the equipment and boy it was high class gear. They were using I believe 4k projectors to display the live PlayStation 4 demos during the keynote session. Here is a cut scene of PlayStation 4 Uncharted 4 :

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