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Enabling Windows 10 Hidden Calendar and Clock Feature


Apparently, Microsoft forgot to give us a toggle key to turn this feature off and on within Windows 10 Build 9926. This new look for the calendar and clock should be the standard look.  What are your thoughts? Keep the old version or stay with the new?

1-29-2015 9-22-01 AM

Old – Calendar and Clock


1-29-2015 9-22-01 AM

New [with hack] – Calendar and Clock

 Here is the location of the Registry hive:


Here is the registry file in the video, I zipped it 🙂

[office src=”https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=18DE4C16BF6ED950&resid=18DE4C16BF6ED950%211796&authkey=AJQ86wBLt39eNaU” width=”98″ height=”120″]


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