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Getting Android 5.0 Installed on OnePlus One

OnePlus_logoThe preview build for Android 5.0 and OnePlus One is over. If you are still interested in getting your OnePlus One to Lollipop continue to read the article for the files and instructions . If you are planning to really do this, PLEASE backup your phone and the worst case scenario is that you phone will 'brick'.

First of all, you need to install some application into your machine to make this work for you and you will need to get a copy of OnePlus One Android 5.0 ROM, which they removed from their forum because the preview is completed.

Click image to get files for article.

I gathered all the files and placed them into a zip file and save them inside my OneDrive.  Inside the zip file you get the following:

  • Java SE Development Kit – “jdk-7u71-windows-x64.exe” [only for x64, so if you are doing this a x86 machine you will need to find and download]
  • TWRP OpenRecovery – “openrecovery-twrp-”
  • Super SU – “UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.40.zip”
  • OnePlus Android 5.0 Rom – “oneplus_community.zip”

Make sure you download the Universal Windows USB Drivers and SDK Tools. I forgot to add that into the zip file. Once all the files are downloaded and placed somewhere in your computer. It’s time to install the application. Start with installing Java SE Development Kit then the Universal Windows USB drivers. After the Java SE and USB Drivers are install start installing the SDK Tool [click the image to get the file]

1-10-2015 11-13-32 AMWhen you finish installed the SDK Tools Only files [I recommend that you change the location where the files are being dropped it makes it easier when you need to get into the command prompt section of the article] open the SDK Tools Manager and make sure you download the following packages:

  • Android SDK Tools
  • Android SDK Platform Tools
  • Android Support Library
  • Google USB Driver

Take your TWRP and Super SU zip files and placed them inside the “platform-tools” folder. Copy the address where you “platform-tools” folder is located for example: “c:/users/BTNHD/desktop/SDK/platform-tools

Click on Start and type in ‘cmd’ [without the quotes]:

1-10-2015 12-00-20 PMRight-click on the Command prompt and run as administrator:

1-10-2015 11-39-28 AM

Once the command prompt window launches type in ‘cd‘ [change directory command] and paste the ‘platform-tools’ address next to the ‘cd‘ command.

1-10-2015 11-39-41 AMShutdown your phone it’s time to enter into Fast-boot mode. To do this hold down the volume up key and the power key. The phone will vibrate, when it vibrates let go of the buttons. You will then see the CyanogenMod character face. Take you USB cable and plug one end to the phone and the other to the computer. If everything works well, you will hear the computer make a sound and the phone and computer are talking to each other.

To really check your computer has establish a connection between OnePlus One within your command prompt enter the following command – “fastboot devices” [without the quotes]. This command will show you a weird number if it does that means you have a connection and ready to continue.

Next step is a BIG one, you will be wiping the phone clean. This mean you will lose everything on the phone, so I hope you backed it up before starting this :). The command you will enter at the prompt will be “fastboot oem unlock” [without the quotes]. Once this is completed your phone should reboot itself. If it doesn’t type in the command prompt the following “fastboot reboot” [without the quotes].

When your phone is done rebooting go into the setting > about > and locate the build number of the phone. Click on it until it states you are a developer now. Go back and get into the developer option to enable USB debugging and disable CM Recovery Partition.

Shutdown your phone and get into the fastboot by holding the volume up key and the power button at the same time. Again, the device will vibrate, so let go when it does. Use the USB cable to connect the phone to your computer. We now need to push out the TWRP image to the phone, so we can boot into it. Now, with your command prompt you will enter the following “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img” [without the quotes and twrp.img is a made up, so use the name of img file you downloaded okay]. This process should be fast, so when it’s done type in this command to restart the phone “fastboot reboot” [without the quotes] we are doing this to make sure that the phone works with the new recovery rom and is able to boot into the phone with no issues.

Leave your phone connected to the computer. I want you to go into your Computer and located your phone drives. Your computer will see the phone as an external USB drive this is good. Double-click it and located the TWRP folder. Once you locate it, I want you to copy and paste the OnePlus.zip file and the SU.zip file.

Shutdown the phone, we will try out our new recovery boot environment. When your phone is completely shut off, hold down the volume down button and the power button. The phone will vibrate, so when it does let go. If everything goes well, you should see the “TEAMWIN” splash page.

Now, TWRP has an option or when you boot into the phone it will give you an option to root your phone, so follow the instructions when it does.

When you are in your TWRP environment do a “Wipe and Factory Reset” of the phone. After that you will see a folder where you dropped the zip files into. Go into the section of the recovery ROM and locate your OnePlus zip file to push out Lillpop to your phone. Once that process is complete do a “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” command and reboot the phone. Please be patient because the first time boot will take some time. That’s it congrats! If any issues leave your comments below or check out the video.


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