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SCCM 2012 – Hierarchy with CAS – Configuring Primary Site Server [Part 2]

sccm_wp_header In Part 1 of our SCCM 2012 series we configured and installed CAS [Central Administration Site] and modified our Active Directory by creating a System Management container, we delegated permissions to the container and we also extended the Schema in Active directory for Configuration Manager. We made sure that we opened TCP ports 1433 and 4022 for SQL replication between our sites [Central Administration Site & Primary Site].

Here are some quick tips to consider before installing a primary site  in your infrastructure:

  • To manage clients directly in your office(s).
  • To increase the number of clients to manage. Each primary site can support up to 100,000 clients.
  • To provide a local point of connectivity for administration.
  • To meet organizational management requirements. For example, you might install a primary site at a remote location to manage the transfer of deployment content across a low-bandwidth network.

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Use the following information to help you plan for your primary sites implementation:

  • A primary site can be a stand-alone primary site or a member of a hierarchy.
  • A primary site only supports a central administration site as a parent site.
  • A primary site only supports secondary sites as child sites and can support one or more secondary child sites.
  • A primary site cannot change its parent site relationship after installation.
  • Primary sites are responsible for processing all client data from their assigned clients.
  • When a primary site is installed, it automatically configures database replication with its designated central administration site.
  • Primary sites use database replication to communicate directly to their central administration site.
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