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What’s New with Windows 10 Latest Build 9926

windows-10_wpHeader Its already been a couple of days that Microsoft announced their new improved consumer Windows 10 preview build to everyone through live-stream. I received my build update yesterday morning, and so far I'm super excited about it. Microsoft has given a lot of thought with this new Operating System; they are really listening to the public feedback. If you updated your Windows 10 build to build 9926 - what have you noticed? What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.

What’s New?

Microsoft migrated notification center and action center as one:

The only way I seen to shrink down the Cortana search bar is to enable tablet mode inside the action center [if you have another way I’m all ears]
[disabled tablet mode]

[enable tablet mode]

[one of my subscribes told me this :)] Right-clicking on the taskbar and going to the search option will give you options to disable, icon, full bar:

Cortana is very limited in the settings department. Hoping more features appear in future builds:

Microsoft removed the option to force Windows updates to the machine. I guess they want to control the updates on the preview builds.

Login screen gives you tips and the background changes every time you restart the machine:

Icons are changed and redesigned [looks a bit cartoony]. Also, when you pin stuff to your quick access bar their is a thumbtack image next to it:

If you are a hardcore gaming and a PC user the Xbox app is for you all the way. Get the latest updates on your game stats with the new Windows 10 Xbox app:

Using the old Windows 10 builds I kind of got use to the start menu and with the new Windows 10 Build 9926, the new start menu look pretty sharp. The power options are close by and they inter grated the charm bar with the start menu by giving you a full screen mode.

Now, if you saw my video review it seems that Microsoft redesigned the Store app. It doesn’t say Store(beta) and it doesn’t look like the Apple’s app store 🙂

I hope this changes with future builds, but their isn’t a way to customize the action bar with new quick access features:

Microsoft added a full screen option at the upper top right corner of apps:
If you see anything new with Windows 10 Build 9926 that I haven’t covered, please share your findings below.

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