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Fixing Microsoft Word Common Issues


Most common problems dealing with Microsoft Word comes from a corrupt “Normal.dot” file. The “Normal.dot” or the “Normal.dotm” file is the one that changes every time you make a change to Word’s settings, such as changing the default font to a different font. These changes are stored in the normal.dot file so when you launch Microsoft word every time it will come up with the last saved settings you made on the application.

2-3-2015 12-46-35 PMThe best thing about this particular file is if normal.dot is deleted, the next time you launch Word it will look for the file, and when it can’t be found Word will recreate the file in its original default condition. Therefore, if Word gets to the point where various kinds of error messages begin to appear the easiest fix is to delete normal.dot. Have you experience issues in the past dealing with Microsoft Word? Leave your comments below.

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